Our laboratory is going to sythesize several homogeneous glycoproteins by chemical method. So far we have synthesized five homogeneous glycoproteins by use of native chemical ligation between glycopeptide-thioesters and peptide-thioesters.


New native chemical ligation concept: after conventional native chemical ligation, cysteine thiol
can be converted into serine by CNBr activation procedure. This methodology enabled us to use
serine site for peptide junction. Sialosides are also demonstrated to use.


Solid phase synthesis of glycopeptide-thioester enabled us to synthesize several large glycopeptides
as well as glycoproteins by use of native chemica ligation.


Human complex type oligosaccharide can be isolated as a homogeneous form. This finding enabled
us to modified the oligosaccharide by several exo-glycosidases to obtain oligosaccharide library.
These branch specific glycosidase reaction as well as glycosyltransferase reactions enabled us to
obtain 35 kinds of complex type oligosaccharides.