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Department of Macromolecular Science, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University,
Toyonaka, Osaka 560-0043, Japan

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Research Area

Polymer molecules consist of many repeat units linked with covalent bonds. In solution or melt, they have a structure like an irregularly entangled thread. Such a structure (conformation) is called "random coil". In our laboratory, we study the molecular motions of random coils by means of various experimental methods.
The rate of rotation of the repeat unit is much higher than the rate of overall rotation of the whole chain. The ratio of the relaxation times for overall rotation and the local motion is of the order of 10 to the power 15 for a chain with high molecular weight! Between these two extremes there exist various modes of molecular motions. Furthermore with decreasing temperature, the motions of those modes slow down and evantually frozen-in around the glass transition temperature.
In an effort to observe those molecular motions, we mainly use the techniques of dielectric relaxation, forced Rayleigh scattering, ultrasonic absorption, and rheology. We will also use NMR, dynamic light scattering and neutron scattering if necessary. The mobility of the chains are governed by intermolecular interactions. To get information of the thermodynamic properties, we also use an adiabatic calorimeter.


Here are menbers of Inoue lab.

Apparatuses available in our laboratory

Apparatuses for Dielectric measurements

a) Transformer Bridge (General Radio 1615A 10Hz-100kHz)
b) Twin-T Type Bridge (Fujisoku DLB 1101 1MHz-150MHz)
c) Apparatus for Measurement of Transient Current (home made 0.0001Hz - 10Hz)
d) Automatic RLC Meter (QuadTech 10Hz-200kHz)

Rheometer (Iwamoto IR-200 Steady state viscosity and dynamic shear moduli)

Stress Rheometer (Rheometrics DSR)

Aparatus for Forced Rayleigh Light Scattering (Home made)
(For measurements of slow diffusion coefficients of polymers)

Adiabatic Calorimeter (home made) (For measurements of heat capacity)

Apparatus for Measurements of Ultrasonic Velocity and Absorption
(Matec 7700 3MHz-300MHz)

Apparatus for crystallization under temperature gradient (Home made)

Apparatus for Observation of Drop Deformation in Electric Field (Home made)

GPC (Tosoh: Equipped with small angle light scattering detector)

Photos: seminar, picnic

Our laboratory has a room to accomodate a few graduate students of the master and doctor course. If you want to study in our laboratory, please contact to Prof. Inoue.