Macromolecular substances are ubiquitous, and these substances enrich our lives.
Our bodies are also composed of macromolecules, e.g., nucleic acids and proteins.
To unravel the reasons behind why life has chosen macromolecules as essential building blocks, and to elucidate the crucial roles that macromolecules play in our life,
we devote our efforts to understand the nature of macromolecules, i.e., macromolecularity using precise macromolecules.
We also aim at the creation of high-performance macromolecules based on macromolecularity.


We are carrying out three projects as follows:

Creation of Precise Macromolecules

We synthesize precise macromolecules with well-defined chemical structures
because these precise macromolecules are critical for deeper understanding of macromolecularity.

精密高分子の合成 Synthesis of Precise Macromolecules

Understanding of Macromolecularity

We strive to understand macromolecularity utilizing the precise macromolecules.

高分子性を決定する要素 Factors of Macromolecularity

Creation of High-Performance Macromolecules

We challenge existing boundaries to creation of high-performance macromolecules
comparative to biological macromolecules using the precise macromolecules.

Example: Selective Formose Reaction Formose Reaction gives a complicated mixture of sugars and sugar alcohols from formaldehyde.

Formose Reaction Formose Reaction
We are working on selective formose reaction using precise macromolecules as a reaction medium of nanometer scale.

Selective Formation of Saccharides by Formose Reaction Selective Formation of Saccharides by Formose Reaction