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Feb. 5th Wed. 2014
D1 Student K. Iwaso received the Poster Award at
1st. Kansai Nanoscience and Nanotechnology International Symposium.
Conference, updated.

July 12th Fri. 2013
D3 Student T. Kauta received RSC Poster Award at ISMSC-8.

Dec. 17th Mon. 2012
D3 Student Zheng yongtai won the Poster award at IPC2012.

May. 16th Wed. 2012
Our research paper  
Switching of macroscopic molecular recognition selectivity using a mixed solvent system
was published in Nature Communications online.

Jan. 5th Thus. 2012
Our research paper  
Photoswitchable gel assembly based on molecular recognition
was published in Nature Chemistry online.

Nov. 18th Thus. 2010
Our research paper  
Macroscopic Self-Assembly through Molecular Recognition
was published in Nature Chemistry online.

Sep. 5th Mon. 2011
Our D2 Student Zheng yongtai was awarded the Bronze Prize at the ACC2011 Poster Award.
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Jan. 4th Tue. 2011
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Dec. 15th Wed. 2010
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Dec. 10th Fri. 2010
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July 21st Wed. 2010
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July 2nd Fri. 2010
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May. 21st. Fri. 2010
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May. 7th. Fri. 2010
Member, Publication List updated.

Feb. 23th. Tue. 2010
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Feb. 16th. Wed. 2010
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Dec. 25th. Fri. 2009
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Nov. 16th. Mon. 2009
Journal Cover Gallery updated.

Oct. 16th Fri. 2009
Our research paper  
"Photoinduced Hydrogen-Evolution System with an Antibody-Porphyrin Complex as a Photosensitizer"
(H. Yamaguchi, T. Onji, H. Ohara, N. Ikeda, and A. Harada*)
was awarded BCSJ Award prize by The Chemical Society of Japan.

Oct. 1st Tues. 2009
Dr. Yamaguchi assumes the office of Lecture.

July 2nd Thus. 2009
Our research paper was selected as Hot article of Chem. Commun.
  [Chem. Commun. Hot Article !!]
[A News Release]    [A News Release]

Jun 29th Mon. 2009
Assistant Pro. Yamaguchi was awarded The Society of Cyclodextrins, Japan , Award for Young Scientists

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