Department of Chemistry Graduate School of Science, Osaka University

Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research

Laboratory for Synthetic Organic Chemistry


  • Hiroaki SASAI (Professor)
  • Shinobu TAKIZAWA (Associate Professor)
  • Masaru KONDO (Assistant Professor)


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Research Interests

  1. Efficient synthesis of advanced materials using chiral spiro compounds.
  2. Development of practical enantioselective reactions based on novel concepts.
  3. Development of multifunctional organocatalysts and their application to environmentally benign processes.
  4. Development of green sustainable organic reactions using solid/dispersed phase reactions.

The goal in this laboratory is to develop catalytic asymmetric processes that produce optically active organic compounds with high selectivity. We have previously developed heterobimetallic complexes that promote a variety of asymmetric reactions in a manner analogous to enzymatic reactions. Currently, we engage in the design and synthesis of novel optically active catalysts and reaction media based on new concepts, and we apply these materials in practical energy-saving and environmentally-conscious reactions and processes. Theoretical studies of the design of catalysts and reaction mechanisms are also conducted.