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Macromolecular Synthesis and Reaction
Position Name E-mail
Polymer Synthesis Chemstry Group
Professor AOSHIMA, Sadahito aoshima
Lecturer KANAZAWA, Arihiro kanazawaa11
Polymer Reaction Chemistry Group
Professor ONITSUKA, Kiyotaka onitsuka
Associate Professor OKAMURA, Takaaki tokamura
Assistant Professor KANBAYASHI, Naoya naokou
Macromolecular Structure, Properties, and Functions
Position Name E-mail
Polymer Physical Chemistry Group
Professor INOUE, Tadashi tadashi
Associate Professor URAKAWA, Osamu urakawa
Macromolecular Precise Science Group
Professor HASHIDZUME, Akihito hashidzume
Supramolecular Science, Polymer Functional Chemistry Group
Professor YAMAGUCHI, Hiroyasu hiroyasu
Assistant Professor KOBAYASHI, Yuichiro kobayashiy11
Macromolecular Assemblies
Position Name E-mail
Macromolecular Structure
Professor IMADA, Katsumi kimada
Associate Professor KANEKO, Fumitoshi toshi
Assistant Professor KAWAGUCHI, Tatsuya kguchi
Assistant Professor TAKEKAWA, Norihiro takekawan16
Polymer Assemblies Group
Professor SATO, Takahiro tsato
Associate Professor
TERAO, Ken kterao
Informative Polymer Science
Position Name E-mail
CryoEM Structural Biology Group
Professor KATO, Takayuki tkato
Assistant Professor KISHIKAWA, Junichi kishi.jun
Protein Crystallography Group
Professor KURISU, Genji gkurisu
Associate Professor TANAKA, Hideaki tana
Assistant Professor KAWAMOTO, Akihiro kawamoto
Supramolecular Crystallography Group
Professor NAKAGAWA, Atsushi atsushi
Associate Professor SUZUKI, Mamoru mamoru.suzuki
Associate Professor YAMASHITA, Eiki eiki
Professor Goto retired at the usual age on March, 2020.
Department for the Administration of Safety and Hygiene
Position Name E-mail
Chemistry for Environment and Safety Group
Professor YAMAMOTO, Hitoshi jin
Institute for Advanced Co-Creation Studies
Position Name E-mail
Polymeric Materials Design Group
Professor TAKASHIMA, Yoshinori takasima
Specially Appointed Associate Professor OSAKI, Motofumi osakam16

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