Our laboratory conducts research works on chemical reactions and physico chemical properties using theoretical calculations. Possibilities of new chemistry to support the 21st century, that is, aim for chemistry to coexist with nature. In particular, we aim to create catalytic reactions and life phenomena and physical properties in mesoscopic areas.

[Research subjects

1)Theoretical investigation for the structures and electronic states of molecular aggregates

  • We investigates Au cluster complexes, transition metal complexes and etc.

2)Catalytic reactions on heterogeneous catalysts

  • Heterogeneous satalyts such as noble metal cluster supported catalysts are mainly studied.

3)Theoretical investigation for enzymes is also examined.

4)Theoretical calculations of magnetism and conductivity of complex materials are also examined.

We are participating in IMSC.LinkIcon

We are participating in ESICB.

We are participating in Prof. Konno's CREST.