Scientific Program

The topic of the conference will focus on the formation mechanisms, the morphology, the molecular structure, and the porperties of compounds from synthetic polymers, biopolymers, proteins, and supramolecular polymers and advance materials obtained from polymer compounds. The bulk state, the solutions and the systems formed at surfaces/interfaces will be considered.

The conference will consist of invited lecuters, oral communications and poster papers and the conference proceedings will be published in a special issue of Macromolecular Symposia.

POLYSOLVAT-13 will be a fully virtual conference from 9-12 November 2021 using Zoom.

The participants’ only page (“officepolaris.co.jp” domain). Detailed information is shown here.

Time tables in PDF format are linked here.
Time table of the oral presentation
Time table of the poster presentation

Oral Session

  Area     Date     Conference Time  
  Osaka (JST)     9-12 November     14:00 – 22:00  
  Kolkata (IST)     9-12 November     10:30 – 18:30  
  Paris (CET)     9-12 November     06:00 – 14:00  
  Mexico City (CST)     8-12 November     23:00 – 07:00  

  IL*     Invited lecture (30 min)  
  O*     Oral presentation (20 min)  
  OS*     Oral short presentation (15 min)  
Tuesday, 9 November 2021
  No.     Title/Presenter
  IL1     Supramolecular polymers formed by macromolecular recognition  
  Akira Harada (Osaka University, Japan)  
  O1     Promoting Host-Guest Interactions in Polymeric Materials through A Planetary Ball Milling Treatment  
  Junsu PARK (Osaka University, Japan)  
  OS1     Polyethylene glycol-polycaprolactone (PEG-PCL) modified with fatty acids for encapsulation of curcumin and cannabinoids  
  Julian Porras (National University of Colombia, Colombia)  
  IL2     Isomerization and Excimer Formation of Pyrene - Schiff Base Conjugate Sensing Aromatic Analytes  
  Arun Nandi (Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, India)  
  O2     Order-disorder transition of aqueous solutions of schizophyllan and its chemically modified derivatives in the mixtures with acidic and basic additives  
  Kazuto Yoshiba (Gunma University, Japan)  
  OS2     Kinetics of Denaturation and Renaturation Process of Double-Stranded Helical Polysaccharide Xanthan in Dilute Aqueous NaCl  
  Yu Tomofuji (Osaka University, Japan)  
  IL3     Microrheological Approach for Probing the Entanglement Properties of Polyelectrolyte Solutions  
  Amy Shen (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, Japan)  
  OS3     Mechano-responsive hydrogel driven by dissociation of supramolecular bonding  
  Akihide Sugawara (Osaka University, Japan)  
  IL4     Dynamics and structure of metallo-supramolecular polymers based on short telechelic precursors  
  Evelyne van Ruymbeke (Bio and Soft Matter, IMCN, Universite catholique de Louvain, Belgium)  
  O3     Anisotropic rotational dynamics of rod-like dilute molecules in glassy polycarbonate  
  Shogo Nobukawa (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan)  
  OS4     Functionality driven phase separation behavior of Fmoc-lysine derivatives in DMSO-water mixtures  
  Nikesh Narang (Osaka University, India)  
  IL5     Antifreeze glycoprotein as functional adsorbent at ice/water interface  
  Yoshinori Furukawa (Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University, Japan)  

Wednesday, 10 November 2021
  No.     Title/Presenter
  IL6     Molecular characterization of ε-phase of syndiotactic polystyrene  
  Susana Figueroa-Gerstenmaier (University of Guanajuato, Mexico)  
  O4     Molecular simulation of structural, dynamic and surface properties of polymer nanoparticles  
  Visit Vao-soongnern (Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand)  
  OS5     Ionic Conductivity and Mechanical Properties of Lithium Salt-Doped Polymerized Ionic Liquid Electrolytes  
  Kamonthira Wichai (Osaka University, Thailand)  
  IL7     Development of polymer ligands with uniform sequence that recognize of sequence of a target peptide  
  Yu Hoshino (Kyushu University, Japan)  
  OS6     The first observation of microphase separation induced by the segregation of sidechains in random or alternating styrene-acrylic-acid copolymers  
  Takuma Kanamaru (Kitakyushu University, Japan)  
  OS7     Phase Separation Behavior of Aqueous Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Solutions Studied by Scattering Experiments  
  Jiayun Han (Osaka University, Japan)  
  IL8     Roles of Water in Biocompatible Polymers  
  Masaru Tanaka (Kyushu University, Japan)  
  O5     Hydration structure and dynamics of biomolecule by quasi-elastic neutron scattering  
  Hiroshi Nakagawa (Japan Atomic Energy Agnecy, Japan)  
  IL9     Molecular Conformation and Intermolecular Interactions of Linear and Cyclic Amylose Derivatives in Solution  
  Ken Terao (Osaka University, Japan)  
  O6     Sodium (I) and Lead (II) extraction and transport in polymer inclusion membrane system using 2-hydroxy-5-dodécylbenzaldéhyde and 15-crown-ether-5 as mobile carriers  
  Omar AROUS (University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene USTHB, Algeria)  
  OS8     Cellulose/sulfuric acid complex crystal at low temperature  
  Wei Li (CERMAV-CNRS, France)  
  IL10     Block polysaccharides by terminal oligosaccharide conjugation  
  Bjørn E. Christensen (NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)  

Thursday, 11 November 2021
  No.     Title/Presenter
  IL11     Aqueous Solution Properties of Non-ionic Polymers: What is “Normal” ?  
  Daichi Ida (Kyoto University, Japan)  
  O7     Static Light Scattering Determination of the Second Virial Coefficient of Cyclic Oligo(dimethylsiloxane)s in a Θ Solvent  
  Akiyuki Ryoki (Kyoto University, Japan)  
  O8     Structural design of polyelectrolyte/protein nanocarriers for targeted protein and drug delivery  
  Anastasiia Murmiliuk (Jülich Centre for Neutron Science, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany)  
  OS9     Revisit the Second Virial Coefficient of Ring Polymers in the Θ State  
  Makiko Hirota (Kyoto University, Japan)  
  IL12     Plant-based bioplastics for sustainable development: recent progress and advancement  
  HIROSHI UYAMA (Osaka University, Japan)  
  OS10     Fabrication of Chitin and Chitosan Monoliths with Controllable Morphology through Thermally Induced Phase Separation  
  Emil Hajili (Osaka University, Japan)  
  IL13     Periodic Grating Bio-mimetic Structures in Self-Assembly of Polymeric Materials  
  Eamor Woo (Dept. of Chemical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, TAIWAN, Taiwan)  
  O9     Structural Quantification of Gierke Cluster Model for Nafion, by a Variety of Neutron Scattering Methods.  
  Satoshi Koizumi (ibaraki univ, Japan)  
  IL14     Hybrid materials PVC/organogels: role of molecular compounds.  
  Jean-Michel GUENET (CNRS, Universite Strasbourg, France)  
  O10     Swelling and diffusion of organic solvent in acrylate based crosslinked copolymer  
  Lamia BEDJAOUI-ALACHAHER (Tlemcen university, Algeria)  
  OS11     Thermal degradation behaviour of a poly(n-butylmethacrylate-co-acrylic acid)/organobentonite nanocomposite: kinetic study.  
  ABDERAHMANE OUARGLI (University of sciences and technology Houari Boumediene, laboratory of polymeric materials, Algeria)  
  IL15     Poly(cation-π) Hydrogels as Super Glues in Sea water  
  Jian Ping Gong (Hokkaido University, Japan)  

Friday, 12 November 2021
  No.     Title/Presenter
  IL16     Nanoporous polymers fabricated by solvent-induced crystallization of poly(ether sulfone)  
  Sadaki Samitsu (National Institute for Materials Science, Japan)  
  O11     Poly(lactic acid) Gel Formed by Complex Crystals with Solvents and Structural Change Induced by Interaction with Other Polymers and Solvents  
  Yasuhiro Matsuda (Shizuoka University, Japan)  
  O12     Morphological, Rheological and SANS Studies of sPS / P3HT Hybrid Networks  
  SUDIP MALIK (Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, India)  
  IL17     Selective absorption of longer alkanes from alkane binary mixtures in the isotactic poly(4-methyl-1-pentene) film  
  Ayano Chiba (Keio University, Japan)  
  O13     Specific Dynamics of Small Guest Molecules Confined in Clathrate Structure of Syndiotactic Polystyrene  
  Osamu Urakawa (Osaka University, Japan)  
  O14     Control of Properties of PPO films by Planar Orientation of Nanoporous-Crystalline and Co-crystalline Phases  
  Nagendra Baku (University of Salerno, Italy)  
  IL18     Sorption of Bioethanol by using Nanopore of Syndiotactic Polystyrene  
  Takahiko Nakaoki (Ryukoku University, Japan)  
  O15     Polymeric aerogels with nanoporous crystalline phase: preparation, structure and potential applications  
  CHRISTOPHE DANIEL (Università degli Studi di Salerno, Italy)  
  IL19     Nanoporous-Crystalline Polymers  
  PAOLA RIZZO (University of Salerno, Italy)  
  OS12     Isolated Guest Molecules in Axially Oriented Co-crystalline Poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene) oxide Films  
  Manohar Golla (University of Salerno, Fisciano , Italy, Italy)  
  O16     Understanding the morphology of proton-exchange membranes based on functionalized syndiotactic polystyrene via small-angle neutron scattering  
  Aurel Radulescu (Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, Germany)  
  IL20     Crystal structures of polymer based co-crystalline forms  
  Oreste Tarallo (University of Naples Federico II, Italy, Italy)  

Poster Session (9-11 Nov)

  Area     Session Time  
  Osaka (JST)     18:00 – 19:00  
  Kolkata (IST)     14:30 – 15:30  
  Paris (CET)     10:00 – 11:00  
  Mexico City (CST)     03:00 – 04:00  

Tuesday, 9 November 2021
  No.     Title/Presenter
  1P-1     Probing the interaction of SARS-CoV-2 receptor binding domain with model lipid membranes with spectroscopic methods  
  Marta Onuk (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine)
  1P-2     Preparation of Dual Movable Cross-Network elastomers and Evaluation of Their Mechanical Properties  
  Yusaku Kawai (Osaka University, Japan)
  1P-3     Application of induced infrared absorption of molecular H2 in rubber materials for diffusion coefficient evaluation under high-pressure H2 gas environment  
  Hiroaaki Ono (Kyushu University, Japan)
  FATIHA BOUZOUIA (Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumediene (USTHB), Algeria)
  1P-5     Fabrication and evaluation of mechanical properties of dissimilar polymer knitted materials with movable crosslink  
  Ryohei Ikura (Osaka University, Japan)
  1P-6     High Strength PVA Film prepared from Freeze/Thaw Gelation  
  Taiki Ito (Ryukoku University, Japan)
  1P-7     Analysis of High Thermal Conductivity Mechanism of Naphthyl Benzoate-Twin Mesogenic Epoxy Polymers with Alkyl Chain Length 2 Having 2,7-Naphthyl Benzoate as the Mesogenic Skeleton  
  Yuu Miyama (Kogakuin University, Japan)
  1P-8     Study on high thermal conductivity mechanism of phenyl benzoate twin-mesogen epoxy polymer  
  Takeru Ishizawa (Kogakuin University, Japan)
  1P-9     The role of molecular interactions in controlling heptan1-ol in crosslinked poly butylacrylate  
  Lamia BEDJAOUI-ALACHAHER (Tlemcen university, Algeria)
  1P-10     Separation of butanol from butanol aqueous solution by syndiotactic polystyrene with nanopore crystal  
  Saki Fujino (Ryukoku University, Japan)

Wednesday, 10 November 2021
  No.     Title/Presenter
  2P-1     Low cost biopolymer adsorbents for the removal of heavy metals contaminants from wastewater  
  Omar AROUS (University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene USTHB, Algeria)
  2P-2     Crystalline Morphology and Lamellar Assembly in Chiral Mandelic Acid Interacting with Crystalline or Amorphous Polymers  
  Baiq Firyal Salsabila Safitri (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)
  2P-3     Change of swelling degree and phase transition for polypeptide gels induced by changing immersed solvents.  
  Miyu Yamasaki (Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan)
  2P-4     Effect of viscous solvent on the crack initiation of double network gels  
  Yong Zheng (Hokkaido University, Japan)
  2P-5     Self-healing polyurethane linked via host-guest interactions  
  Changming Jin (Osaka University, Japan)
  2P-6     The effect of alkyl ammonium ionic liquids on aggregation of β-lactoglobulin  
  Koji Yoshida (Fukuoka University, Japan)
  2P-7     Chain morphology of poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(N-tert-butylacrylamide) alternating multiblock copolymers in solution  
  Mizuki Hirano (Fukuoka University, Japan)
  2P-8     Selective absorption of non polar organic compounds by syndiotactic polystyrene aerogels  
  Antonietta Mancuso (University of Salerno, Italy)
  2P-9     Colloidal Particle Characterization in Aqueous Dispersions of Higher Alcohol-Surfactant Mixtures  
  Kaoru Yagishita (Osaka University, Japan)
  2P-10     Toughening of inorganic composite gels by mimicking the sacrificial bonds of bone tissue  
  Naohiro Kashimura (Hokkaido University, Japan)

Thursday, 11 November 2021
  No.     Title/Presenter
  3P-1     Periodic Microstructure Assembly of Polyesters Crystalline Spherulites in Correlation with Photonic Crystal  
  Widyantari Rahmayanti (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)
  3P-2     Quantitative evaluation of the nano-voids formed in nylon11 by high-pressure hydrogen gas exposure : Influence of Crystallinity  
  Keiko Ohyama (Kyushu University, Japan)
  3P-3     In-situ Evaluation of the Polymer Concentration Distribution of Microphase Separated Polyelectrolyte Hydrogels by Microelectrode Technique  
  Takuya Nishimura (Hokkaido University, Japan)
  3P-4     Gelation of gelatin as affected by the addition of sugars  
  Maki Yasuyuki (Kyushu University, Japan)
  3P-5     Relation between the relaxation time of reversible cross-links and toughness of supramolecular hydrogels.  
  Subaru Konishi (Osaka University, Japan)
  3P-6     Applications of backscattering quasi-elastic neutron scattering at ANSTO, Australia  
  Nicolas de Souza (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Australia)
  3P-7     Study on thermal conductivities of poly(methacrylic acid ester) having azobenzene as a mesogen with different spacer carbon numbers and the end group carbon numbers  
  Nanako Sakai (Kogakuin University, Japan)
  3P-8     Study on high thermal conduction mechanism of twin mesogen type epoxy polymer with alkyl chain length 2 having 2,6-naphthylbenzoate as mesogen  
  Yuta Akima (Kogakuin University, Japan)
  3P-9     Axially oriented guest induced crystallization in syndiotactic polystyrene unstretched fibers  
  Antonietta Cozzolino (University of Salerno, Italy)
  3P-10     Complexation of polymers with terpyridine/ferrocene side units due to interaction with metal ions  
  Nina Mikusheva (Saint-Petersburg State University, Russian Federation)
  3P-11     Preparation and characterization of pH sensitive Poly Vinyl Alcohol – Sodium Alginate hydrogel beads used as a controlled release system for Curcumine.  
  Zineb Touzout (University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algeria)