In biological systems, life process is led by the unique behavior of macromolecules such as proteins and DNA. Molecular recognition by macromolecules plays an important role, for example, in substrate specificity of enzymes and antigen-antibody reactions in human life. Selective molecular recognition among macromolecules is achieved through a large number of weak interactions. We have focused our attention on the special behavior of antibodies, especially monoclonal antibodies, because they can recognize a larger and more complicated compound with high specificity than that can synthetic host molecules or enzymes.
In this laboratory, we develop novel materials through hybridization of bio-related macromolecules such as monoclonal antibodies with artificial/synthetic small molecules. We construct functionalized catalytic and energy conversion systems based on specific molecular recognition of biomacromolecules and selective assembly of bio/synthetic molecules.

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19th Oct, 2023
Our paper on "Efficient Synthesis of Cyclic Poly(ethylene glycol)s under High Concentration Conditions by the Assistance of Pseudopolyrotaxane with Cyclodextrin Derivatives" was published in ACS. Macro Lett. (Publications updated. and Recent Work)
16th Oct, 2023
Cao and Hashimoto won SPSJ SOM (Symposium on Macromolecules) Poster Award.
16th Oct, 2023
Our review on "Synthesis of supramolecular sulfur-containing polymers" was accepted in Journal of the Society of Rubber Science and Technology (Publications updated.)
4th Aug, 2023
Publications updated.
24th July, 2023
Nedo has adopted Kobayashi's sulfur polymer study as Intensive Support for Young Promising Researchers.
21th June, 2023
Hashimoto won SPSJ AM (Annual Meeting) Poster Award.

1st June, 2023
Kobayashi, Horiguchi, Nishimura, Hashimoto, and Prof. Yamaguchi won 30th CERI Paper award.

12th May, 2023
Our paper on "Supramolecular polysulfide polymers cross-linked by metal-ligand interactions" was published in Polym. Chem. (Publications updated. and Recent Work)
3rd April, 2023
Kobayashi won 2023 Ube Industries Foundation award.
4th April, 2023
New members joined our laboratory. (Members)
3rd April, 2023
Kobayashi won 2023 Ube Industries Foundation award.
10th March, 2023
Farewell party for graduate
Congrats graduates!
We wish you luck in all your future endeavors.
17th Feb, 2023
Our paper on "Supramolecular sulfur-containing polymers with hydrogen bonding" was published in J. Sulfur Chem. (Publications updated. and Recent Work)