Invited Speakers (Tentative)

Session 1. Fluid & Phase Equilibria

Karine Ballerat
Clermont-Auvergne University, FRANCE
Prof. Karine Ballerat's research interest is to develop materials exhibiting external-stimuli-responsive functionalities accompanied by changes of thermal, optical, magnetic, and electric properties by controlling the thermal bistability.

Margarita Costa Gomes
Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, FRANCE
Prof. Margarita Costa Gomes's research interests are physical chemistry and molecular thermodynamics of fluids and solutions containing ions with the aim of contributing to greener and more sustainable chemical processes.

Giorgia De Guido
Politecnico di Milano, ITALY
Dr. Giorgia De Guido's research activities regard separations, mainly the purification of acid gases, CO2 capture and downstream treatments in bio-processes, focusing both on the process simulation and on the thermodynamic characterization of the systems.

Session 2. Colloids & Interfaces

Nobuyuki Matsubayashi
Osaka University, JAPAN
Prof. Nobuyuki Matsubayashi's research interest is computational physical chemistry with MD simulation and solvation theory, with applications to the solvent effects on biomolecular structures and functions and the partitioning functions of micelles, lipid membranes, and polymers.

Madhavi Krishnan
University of Oxford, ENGLAND
Prof. Madhavi Krishnan is currently pioneering a high-precision experimental measurement of molecular electrical charge at the single molecule level, with a view to generating both a new analytic technology and an improved fundamental understanding of molecular interactions in the fluid phase in general.

Session 3. Bio-materials (Foods & Pharmaceuticals)

Kouhei Tsumoto
The University of Tokyo, JAPAN
His research interests are physical biochemistry of protein interactions, including antibody, receptor, and cellular signal transduction-related proteins for design and/or engineering.

Reid Bishop
University of Mississippi Medical Center, U.S.A.

Session 4. Bio-thermodynamics

Junseock Koh
Seoul National University, KOREA
Prof. Junseock Koh integrates structural and thermodynamic/kinetic methods to scrutinize the multi-component interactions involved in two different systems: Nuclear Pore Complex (NPC) in nucleocytoplasmic transport and Mediator Complex in transcriptional regulation.

Shun-ichi Kidokoro
Nagaoka University of Technology, JAPAN
Prof. Shun-ichi Kidokoro's research interests are protein thermodynamics including thermal and pH denaturation, specific molecular recognition, and enzyme kinetics observed by calorimetry (DSC, ITC and PPC) and spectroscopy, and its application to protein molecular design for higher stability, stronger interaction, and higher enzymatic activity.

Session 5. Polymers & Organic Materials

Yasuhisa Yamamura
University of Tsukuba, JAPAN
Prof. Yamamura's research interests are structural and thermodynamic properties of liquid crystal compounds, exhibiting various smectic liquid crystal phases with phase transitions between them.

Alejandro J. Muller
Polymat and University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, SPAIN
Prof. A.J. Muller interests include morphology, nucleation, crystallization and crystallization kinetics of multiphasic semi-crystalline polymers; in particular, copolymers, polymer blends, biopolymers and nano-composites.

Session 6. Inorganic Materials & Metals

Scott J. McCormack
University of California, U.S.A.
Prof. Scott J. McCormack's research interest is to develop and document complex oxide, carbide, nitride, and di-boride thermochemical and thermophysical properties under extreme environments, with an emphasis on temperatures above 2500 degrees C for hypersonic platforms, nuclear fission and fusion technologies and space exploration. More information: https://mccormacklab.engineering.ucdavis.edu

Hiroko Tokoro
Univeristy of Tsukuba, JAPAN
Prof. Hiroko Tokoro's research interest is to develop materials exhibiting external-stimuli-responsive functionalities accompanied by changes of thermal, optical, magnetic, and electric properties by controlling the thermal bistability.

Loic Favergeon
Univ Lyon, FRANCE
Prof. Loic Favergeon is working on thermal analysis and reactivity of solids, and particularly on thermodynamics and kinetics of solid-gas reactions including high temperature corrosion and thermal decomposition of mineral solids.

Session 7. Condensed Matter: Physical Science & Applications

Miguel A. Ramos
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, SPAIN
Prof. Miguel A. Ramos has followed various research lines within condensed matter physics, especially in the field of physics of glasses and amorphous solids at low temperatures, to study their thermal and vibrational properties.

Yoshimitsu Kohama
The University of Tokyo, JAPAN
Prof. Yoshimitsu Kohama's research interests are high field calorimetry, magnetism, and magnetic field generation technique.

Session 8. Instrumental & New Techniques

Junichiro Shiomi
The University of Tokyo, JAPAN
Prof. Junichiro Shiomi has been pursuing research to advance thermal management, waste heat recovery, and energy harvesting technologies based on nano-to-macro innovation in materials, structures, and systems.

Aina Reich
Attocube Systems AG, GERMANY
Prof. Aina Reich's research interests are nanoscale analytics designs, manufactures and distributes advanced instruments for nanoscale optical imaging & spectroscopy of surfaces with visible, infrared and THz radiation.

Emine Cagin
Heidelberg Instruments Nano AG, SWITZERLAD
Dr. Emine Cagin's work focuses on nanostructures created through thermal lithography. Using the NanoFrazor technology, she and her team apply the technology to applications including nanoelectronics, quantum science, nanophotonics.

Marcelo Jaime
Los Alamos National Laboratory, U.S.A

Session 9. Database & Industrial Applications

Masahiko Demura
National Institute for Materials Science, JAPAN
Demura's recent research interests include the digital transformation and the data-driven approaches in materials research, particularly in the field of structural materials.

Petri Kobylin
Metso Outotec Finland Oy, Finland
Prof. Petri Kobylin is a senior specialist of physical chemistry and water solutions (thermodynamic modelling of aqueous solutions), working on HSC Chemistry(r) development.

Session 10. Environmental & Safety

Masakazu Sugiyama
The University of Tokyo, JAPAN
Prof. Masakazu Sugiyama's research interests are high efficiency solar cells, electrochemistry and semiconductor materials for solar hydrogen production and carbon recycling, energy transition scenario for carbon neutral society.

Milos Ferjencik
University of Pardubice, CZECH REPUBLIC
Prof. Milos Ferjencik's research interests are risk analysis, especially on practical simplified methods and on accident investigation.