Submission deadline of ICCT-2023 special issue(JTAC) has been extended to Nov. 30th.
Since we have received several requests by participants, the submission deadline of the special issue of ICCT-2023 in Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry(JTAC) will be extended to November 30th. Now the Springer company are working to open the server. Please submit your works as early as possible, if you are interested in publishing in the special issue. Please understand that this is the final limit of the special issue.

Call for Papers for the Special Issue of ICCT2023
The organizing committee is considering to publish a special issue of research papers presented in ICCT2023 in Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (JTAC).
This journal is a fully peer reviewed journal published by Springer Science & Business Media. As you know well JTAC is highly cited journal with 24 issues in a year (2 issues in a month) and covers almost all fields of Chemical Thermodynamics. We encourage presenters to submit your paper.
Please see the formal web site of the journal in the web site below,

Manuscript Submission Information
The participants who have presented their works in ICCT 2023 can solely have a right to submit a paper to this special issue. The manuscript should be prepared according to the guideline of Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (Springer) shown in https://www.springer.com/journal/10973/submission guidelines. The submitted manuscripts will be reviewed under the standard process of the journal along the line of the journal policy and ethics. The acceptance/decline will be determined with the same procedure as ordinary papers submitted to the journal. The publication charge and the reprint charge should be paid by the authors side. The conference cannot cover any of the publication charge.
The accepted papers will be published continuously on the journal website as early as possible after they are formally accepted by the journal office and will be listed together in the special issue of the ICCT 2023 conference at an appropriate time determined by the editorial office.

Manuscript Submission Period
The submission period is started from ICCT2023 duration (as early as possible the account is activated) to October 31st 2023. The date of the publication of the special issue will be determined by the editorial office of JTAC.

Special Issue Code: ICCT2023
Please select this code in submitting papers in the web server.